Some must see tourist places in Delhi near Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh in Delhi is a place that delights the shopaholics from different parts of the country and the world. You can find anything and everything in Karol Bagh starting from the cotton yarn, embroidered garments and the readymade clothing.

Here is a list of places that you can visit near Karol Bagh in Delhi:

Old Delhi

Old Delhi

Old Delhi

Karol Bagh is near to the Old Delhi monuments and if you want to visit Delhi, you can plan a day trip, in and around Karol Bagh and explore the various monuments like Jama Masjid, Fatehpuri Masjid, Red Fort, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Khari Baoli and Chandni Chowk.

Delhi University

DU is one of the premier universities in India. It is known for its high standard of research and teaching. The university has two campuses, the north and the south one. The north campus has 84 departments and 16 faculties. There are three colleges under the control of DU, St Stephen’s College, Ramjas College and the Hindu College. The south campus offers courses in Arts and Social Sciences. Both the campuses are vast and worth visiting.

Gaffar Market

Gaffar Market

Gaffar Market

The Ghaffar Market is named after a Pashtun political and religious leader. The market is located near Karol Bagh and is also popularly known as the Gray Market where you can get several different China made goods and electronic items.

There are more than 500 shops within the narrow lanes and by lanes of the market. Although there are several such shopkeepers who sell fake items in their shop, you will never get the goods at such cheap rates other than here in Gaffar Market.

Plus as this market attracts corporate travellers so a good hotel to stay near by will be Pitrashish Hotels in Karol Bagh Delhi. Just google their name and you will get the idea that why I suggested this accommodation option to you. Plus for more on karol bagh hotels check tripadvisor.




If you travel to Delhi via train, as soon as you step out of the station, you will step into Paharganj. It is a shopper’s paradise, especially if you can bargain to your heart’s content for knickknacks.

Whether it is the shoes or the books, the jewelries or bags, incense or handicrafts, you will get each and everything in the markets of Paharganj. Plus if you have seen the movie Dev D then must have got some idea of this place full with small guest houses and dometry for travellers who want to have some gun. Plus Paharganj and Karol Bagh have one thing in common that they both are popular destination for booking some budget hotels in New Delhi.

Connaught Place & India Gate

The Connaught Place market is shaped like a horse shoe and is one of its kinds in India. The market is divided into two circles. While the inner circle has the blocks named A to F, it houses all the international brands of products and items. The outer circle has blocks G to P and also has national as well as international brands of items and products.

Plus if you are at connaught place Delhi then do dine At Lalit Hotel. They have an amazing buffet on ground floor which cost like $40 per person but I must say that it is amazing.

India Gate is just a mile away from the Connaught place

The pride of New Delhi, the India gate is actually a war memorial that was built in the memory of all those Indian Soldiers that laid their lives to save the country in the World War I. The India Gate is 42 meters high and is located at the end of the Rajpath. It is also a very popular relaxing destination especially during the evenings of the summers. During the winter, India Gate converts into a very popular picnic spot in Delhi.

Plus check out this amazing video of this neighborhood

Some Amazing Things About Karol Bagh Delhi

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh New Delhi

New Delhi has a special place for all those who loves to travel, do some shopping, loves to see movies with friends and family and most important dine in some of the best 5 star and street food. So if you want to experience some great shopping movements, watch a romantic movie in an awesome cinema hall, dine in some of the finest restaurant the you need to know a bit more about Karol Bagh.

Karol Bagh is an awesome destination in central western Delhi which is famous for its shopping markets, high number of hotels for frequent travelers, Liberty cinema and some amazing street food. This area has the presence of Punjabi community which are referred as the Party lovers and this Karol Bagh has that party essence in it.

So why one should visit Karl Bagh if the are visiting or travelling to New Delhi? Have a look at the below reasons.

1. The famous Karol Bagh Market

famous Karol Bagh Market

Sparkly things attract many people; be they stylish shoes or cultural dresses. Karol Bagh Market and all its shopping streets is just the right place to get all these sparkly things and many more. Aside from the clothes and shoes, it also is famous for its nuts, oriental spices packed in appealingly shiny paper. It also is the best place to shop for chrome motorcycle parts. It is two kilometers away from the New Delhi Train Station thus, is very accessible.

2. Book an awesome hotel in Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh Hotel

Destinations like CP, Paharganj and Karol Bagh are some popular destinations where one can choose from a wide variety of hotels. Similarly in Karol bagh one can get a hotel for as low as INR 1000 and in mine good hotel in karol bagh by Pitrashish will cost not more then INR 3000. And if you are looking for rooms for wedding guests then Pitrashish is the best wedding hotels in delhi at New Rohtak Road and Dev Nagar in Karol Nagh.

3. Must see Liberty Cinema Karol Bagh

Any movie lover appreciates a good viewing experience. The Liberty Cinema in Karol Bagh has all the elements that make for a great viewing experience. It has a breath-taking ambience and one of the most caring customer support services in the entire country. The theatre looks clean and refurbished all the times. It is even better that all the refurbishments put style and customer demands ahead of everything else. The cinema’s comfortable pushback seats, the mammoth screen complete with projectors and the great colour and sound systems are a testimony to this.

4. Do visit Meena Bazaar Karol Bagh

Meena Bazaar Karol Bagh

A trip to India is never complete without a cultural souvenir. India’s culture shines with colourful outfits and these as such, make the best souvenir. Meena Bazaar Karol Bagh is the best place to get these. This famous apparel shop has been in the business for the past four decades and this entire time, has been offering its customers nothing but the best apparels. Your ethnic shopping is never complete without a trip to Meena Bazaar. They stock the widest possible range of apparels from crepe, silk and cotton, to brocades, handlooms and embroidery.

5. Buy something from PP Jewellers Karol Bagh

Precious stones are attractive. It however, is even more attractive buying these from a shop that who understands them. PP Jewellers in Karol Bagh is one such place. This jewellery shop has everything for every one despite the ostentation and opulent display that can fool even the bravest. It is the best place to get the best cut diamonds. These are available in all shapes and suitable for necklaces, rings and even earrings. The over 1000 square yards of display also has other precious and even semi-precious stones as well as bangles, gold sets and oxidized kadas.

6. Dine in Restaurant Sandoz Karol Bagh

The splendour of a location is best crowned by the flavour of great meals. In Karol Bagh, Sandoz provides the perfect setting. This exquisite restaurant with a wide range of menus all set to tantalize your taste buds, offers the best fresh and hot food flavours from both local as well as exotic cuisines. Any food lover will find their delicious food, a nice experience and a very sweet icing on an already sweet cake that is Karol Bagh.

5 amazing destinations in India

What is your reason for traveling? To tick a place you recently went to off your bucket list, to relax the mind from routine work, meet new people and taste sumptuous food?  Tons of reasons come in mind but there are times that the cultural experience and heritage of the place gets you to travel there. India is no exception of such, with its rich diversity, overflows with wonderful structures. Here are the top choices of cultural tourist spots to visit in India.

City Palace, Jaipur

City Palace Jaipur

A compound of buildings, courtyards, and gardens, the City Palace impressively caught the attention of guests with its intricate design and majestic grandeur. The City Palace has several palaces in its complex which include the Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal. Some of the structures were built not in the same eras; some are dated in early 1900s. But despite the fast development of the complex, the general visual of it is an extraordinary mixture of Mughal and Rajasthani building design.

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Jantar Mantar is probably the most bizarre historical site in India. Jantar Mantar is like a massive abstract piece of architecture, an oddly looking group of buildings with geometric patterns has its significance. Monuments that are part of the structure deliberately gauge to monitor the activity of planets and star constellations. The observatory was built between the years 1727 and 1734 by Maharaja Jai Singh II, a fine tourist spot to learn astronomy, astrology, and take self portraits.

Beside if you are ever planning to visiy Jaipur, then contact us for hotel booking. We can offer amazing deals on resorts near jaipur. We offer resorts like Raj Palace which is popular heritage hotel, La Premier Spa which is a popular pool party destination in Jaipur city and Samode Haveli which is the best in Amer.

Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer

Built in 1156, the Jaisalmer Fort experienced a number of battles for a lot of years against the Mughals, the Rathores, and the Bhatis. Jaisalmer Fort highlights a chhatri opposite to a yellow and red backdrop that floats atop the highest building inside the fort which is the palace, a true Jaisalmer standard. The Dasher Chowk, the fourth gate expands into an enormous square where the unique quality of the place among other forts becomes too apparent. Within the four corners of the fort’s walls, about 3000 people resides and paved roads riddles so narrowly and long winding and are made in stones.

Mysore Palace, Mysore

The Mysore Palace which is part of the City of Palaces holds a number of amusing museums. In the evenings, a spectacular lights presentation in thousands to form a captivating depiction. Another area is the Jaganmohan Palace which today is transformed to a gallery of art. Mysore has five other palaces, and a handful of gardens, temples, and lakes. Take a trip to Srirangapatna which is 55 kilometres away, a worthy excursion seeing Ranganathaswamy Temple and the summer palace of Tipu Sultan.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal Agra

One of the wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site, the Taj Mahal offers majestic view of a world famous tomb made by a great emperor to show his eternal affection for her beloved queen. Walk towards the mausoleum that is made of marble and decorated with semi precious stones with fountains and reflecting pool just beside the pathway. The feel of its perfect magnitude, the grandiosity of geographical design, and of well manicured gardens enhance the elegance of the complex in general. Come and see the richness of the past in enchanting beat and cultivate your creativity about this epic marvel made in stone.

Best Hotels for Couples

Couples looking for a romantic getaway but are on a budget constraint? Look no further as listed here is some hotels that are luxurious to stay at but inexpensive.

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

There are a number of romantic getaways at Myrtle Beach, but Marina Inn at Grande Dunes is the best place to stay for couples. Experience the best honeymoon days with love ones or just a special gift to show your affection with reservation on the hotel’s couples package which includes luxurious room accommodation that has whirlpool hot tub, fireplace, terrace among many other good for two. Marina Inn also boasts itself of hot stone massage for relaxation, a bar to release stress, and the Waterscapes Restaurant that meticulously prepare sumptuous meal and create desserts that are pleasurably appetizing.

Hotel GTC, Delhi

Hotel GTC is a safe hotel for couples in South Delhi that are planning a romantic evening with a special someone. Two special packages are available for partners to choose from. Package A is a 24 hour accommodation in a fully furnished room plus one major meal and 2 mock tails, and an additional vegetarian snack good for two.

Package B is also 24 hour room accommodation with flowers and balloon decorations and a scented candle in the room to keep the couples’ fire burning. A cake weighing half a kilogram, one major meal, 2 mock tails, and a vegetarian snack are also included if in case the couples are hungry. So just book a room here and stay in a good south delhi hotel just for 2500.

Oceans One Myrtle Beach

Oceans One is another hotel that is located in Myrtle Beach, this hotel is one of its kind offering scenic views at a privy balcony and also the interiors of the room looking like a lavish condominium. Adventurous couples can enjoy Oceans One with its whirlpool located indoor and outdoor, a lazy river, and pool deck, plus a pool fronting the lovely ocean and an indoor pool with features of a waterfall, and tons and tons of fun water activities.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is the best place to stay when travelling as a couple. Guests that arrive in the hotel are escorted from an exclusive access directed to the Sky Lobby on the 38th floor to see the scenic and breathtaking view of the city. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo boasts luxurious sophistication through services and amenities, while assimilating state of the art technology for customer satisfaction. In element of Water and Forest, the interiors of the room and the hotel have been inspired by how the Japanese appreciate nature. Get to experience best relaxation through treatment rooms of spa suites with amazing views while the water and heat will relax the mind and body.

Pan Pacific Singapore

With scenic cityscapes as a view, the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore is another perfect place for couples with rooms that are inviting and appealing to the eyes. Rooms have recently refurbished to delight guests with cozy interiors. The hotel is ideally close to airport, shopping malls, and MRT station that is a good location for travelling couples. Enjoy dining at the Edge Restaurant that has everyday buffet of seafood and local delicacies. Feel like a royalty with excellent staff trained to aid guests with daily needs for optimum satisfaction during stay.

Choose the Luxury Hotel to Stay in New Delhi

New Delhi is the heart of India. Delhi is well popular to offer the best of staying options in the political capital of India. The New Delhi hotels come with outstanding room facilities along with delicate services.
Some of Hotels Booking in New Delhi is in great demand because of the deluxe room services and their food. These hotels are the great blend of complete sophistication and sovereigns which gives a soothing stay to their high-status visitors. Here is list of top 4 hotels to stay in Beautiful New Delhi City:

  • Eros Hotel
  • Hotel GTC
  • ITC Hotel
  • Hotel Broadway

All these 4 well-known Delhi lavishness Hotels are chosen by business man and spare time tourists as well.

Eros Hotel

Eros Hotel

Eros Hotel is one of the 5 star hotels which has abundant rooms which is well known for its superb furnishings, first class facilities and the additional part of lavishness it provides for stay.  It’s mainly famed as Shangri-La’s – Eros. This hotel is counted under the class of best New Delhi Five Star hotels. It provides green wonderful gardens, pool sight, deluxe rooms and suites adorned with shaded wood and, vibrant colors, also dine choice with tasty intercontinental dishes. In this hotel spa, a lounge, bars & nightclubs are there.


  • Spa and Salon
  • Swimming Pool
  • Business Centre
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Parking Facilities

Hotel GTC

GTC Hotel is an elegant and classy Business and vacation hotel deliberately situated in South Delhi’s high-class areas of Greater Kailash. It is known for its committed services, beyond compare quality and a well tendency for nonstop modernization in all its goings-on. All rooms with fashionable furnishings are in light colors which are designed in different way by keeping in mind the Hotels necessities and comfort of guests.

I suggest GTC as its a pet friendly hotels in delhi and many known as a fine  & one of the best hotels in greater kailash new delhi


  • Healthy Praising Breakfast
  • High Speed Wi Fi Connection 24 Hrs
  • Admiring Newspaper
  • Contour Beds
  • Big Screen TV with National & International Channels
  • Quality Work Desk
  • Temperature Controlled Air Conditioner
  • Room Telephones
  • Quality Hollow Fiber Duvet & Pillow

ITC Hotel

ITC Hotel

ITC Hotel is one of the major deluxe five star hotel chains in India with over 20 excellent best business hotels and Vacation Hotels. This deluxe hotel has 438 rooms consist of 25 exclusive designed suites. This corporate hotel provides quality hospitality Services to the Towers’ eight deluxe floors. Our first-class room type off provides an anti allergy environment with splendid decoration with a perfect service modern conveniences.


  • concierge service -24 hrs
  • currency exchange -24 hrs
  • room service -24 hrs
  • Access to Spa, Salon & Health Club, Swimming Pool
  • Available Valet & self-parking facilities

Hotel Broadway

Hotel Broadway is one of the best experiences of staying in Broadway Hotel. This Hotel is certainly the most excellent alternative to go for an out, when you look for for the top economy staying hotels in New Delhi.

With its modern visitor rooms being fully-furnished, air conditioned prepared with all the Quality facilities which they are presenting in a latest type of budget Friendly.

These dissimilar types of quality accommodations are available in Delhi. If you’re a business tourist and coming to an unknown place alone then only prefer these for your comfort stay!